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THE ACE CLASS: Toast Vol 05: Cultivating connection
May 28, 2019

Edmonton, AB

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This morning empowerment series is designed to create inspiration and give you the tools to take elevate your experience of your life. Join Klarissa and fellow panelists May 28, 2019 as we discuss cultivating connection.

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ATB Financial (The Branch/CKUA Building)
9804 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0C5
Canada (map)

Previous Engagements

Guest speaker: Weba
Perception and transformation: Leading through Language
May 1, 2019

Edmonton, AB

We often confuse what-is-so (the outside world) with our perception of it. Access to transformation is available through creating a distinction between our sensations and our perceptions, and becoming responsible for our perceptions.

This talk walks you through creating a distinction between perception, sensation, and creating a transformation for yourself and those around you.

VALUES & Alignment - Transformative Workshop
May 1, 2019

Edmonton, AB

MAYValues & Alignment_EVENTBRITE_LiveIntoWhatMovesYou.png

Articulating YOU, and impacting the world.
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In the world today, we are often inundated with information, stimulation, and quick fixes to get the best life possible.

How do we quickly and clearly differentiate what matters to us so that we can make decisions with ease, remove "getting triggered", and experience life in a way that we love?

This 3 hour workshop will walk you through powerfully articulating what inspires, moves, and motivates you.

You'll complete this workshop with:

  • A clear articulation of who you are and that for which you stand

  • Clarity on where you can make adjustments in your life to create ease and fulfillment

  • An enhanced ability to really connect with people that are likeminded and aligned with you, your organization, or your brand

  • New connections

  • The platform for developing your one-sentence life purpose

In this workshop, you will be led through the process of deepening your understanding of your values, creating values-based alignment and velocity and then using those values to ignite your life, business, or discover your next passion project.

This is about articulating YOU, and creating an impact.

Workshop cost includes:

  • Workshop materials

  • light refreshments

  • 20 minute one-on-one alignment follow up call

Empowered Entrepreneur Summit: Transformational Marketing
April 6, 2019

thumbnail_Klarissa-01 enpowered entrepreneur.png

You’ve heard of marketing strategy — it sounds important, and yet there seem to be many approaches to it. What does it all mean? How do you pick the best approach?

Klarissa is excited to share her take on Transformational Marketing - marketing that touches, moves and inspires your customers to want to use or partner with your product and service.

She will guide you through the beginnings of discovering how to create your marketing strategy as one that sparks transformation in both your customers, future customers, and you.


January 2019
Private Workshop - Culture Alignment Session

Following a major organizational transition in mid-2018, internal team members were keen to discover and rebuild ways of effectively working together.

This mini-alignment workshop used a custom pre-work survey to uncover and articulate pain-points and structure the session to allow for a new future to unfold. The focus was shifting previous cultural habits and perspectives to align team members and create workability in their cross-functional roles.

November 26, 2018
Excel Academy - Strategic Planning

Key stakeholders gathered for a one-day workshop to outline the current state and create the desired future state of the academy. Using a systems-thinking approach, the team uncovered specific strategies and tactics that could help to shape the organizations operations and future.

August 28, 2018
Values & Alignment Workshop


Values and alignment are critical matters in creating the life you want. Personally or professionally, it is so powerful to intentionally set time to uncover and articulate your values.

In this workshop, Klarissa will lead you through the process of discovering what's beyond your initial understanding of your values and then using those values to ignite your life, business, or discover your next passion project.

- 2 hour workshop
- Course Materials
- Refreshments
- 20 minute one-on-one follow up call

July 18, 2018
Values Based Branding Keynote Speaker - YEG Boss Babes

Alignment, Division, Indifference


Join Klarissa as she discusses her experience on what you makes brands resonate with us, polarize us, or leave us un-phased.

It is possible for you to create or enhance your brand and have generate ride-or-die fans and ambassadors. Whether you are familiar or brand-spanking-new to branding, Klarissa will leave you with some golden-nuggets to take away and use in your venture. Want a hint? It's not about branding.